Snapfile helps you promote and grow your business, manage files securely and connect with people wherever you are.

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Promote & grow your business

Snapfile is a free online filing and file sharing system you can provide to your clients – and Snapfile for business is a valuable, affordable tool to help retain and grow your client base. You can invite anyone to use Snapfile free of charge. Then, like a digital fridge magnet, your logo and contact details are displayed on the client’s dashboard as a permanent reminder.

File sharing & file requests

Managing files, especially client files, in any business is challenging. You need to ensure clients’ sensitive, personal and private documents are stored securely. Snapfile for business allows you to request and share documents for clients simply, effectively and securely all with the highest level of encryption. You can even share documents with all your connections at once.

Digital storage like no other

Snapfile provides two storage levels. 50GB and unlimited. You can invite your team and give them access to business documents they may need, keeping your important documents safe and secure.