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Snapfile helps you promote and grow your business, manage files securely and connect with people wherever you are.

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Why Snapfile Business?

How can Snapfile help my business?

Snapfile is a simple, yet powerful tool designed to provide data and file sharing solutions to businesses. You can also add value to your business brand by providing Snapfile free to your clients. In doing so, your brand will be recognisable on their home page.

So we can share any documents, at any time, anywhere?

That's right. Snapfile Business is a fully responsive web application, meaning that you can view the same content on your smartphone or tablet as you can on your laptop or desktop. No compromises. No file restrictions.

Can I back up my business data?

Yes! Snapfile is a cloud based system designed specifically with that in mind. You can store an unlimited amount of data, which is always backed up and secure. You can also provide staff and collegues access to all or some of this data!

Tell me about cost and security...

Snapfile is a fraction of the cost of file servers or similar cloud storage solutions, whilst just as safe and efficient. In a highly secure environment, all files are encrypted 'in flight' and on server. Interested? Check out our business plans.